Transitioning from intentions to organization, let’s explore 3 transformative tips for a more illuminated path towards inner peace. 

May these insights shared be a guiding light for your radiant journey now and in the years to come.

Read on for THREE tips to welcome more radiance into your days: 

– Make Room for Fresh Energy

– Start Small and Scale Up

– Plan Ahead



Navigating the journey of letting go is more than decluttering of physical spaces; it’s a liberating process for thoughts, emotions, memories, expressions, and relationships that may be weighing us down.

A journey that I’m still navigating. It’s an internal process – a tug of war.

It’s not about a life devoid of things, memories or people. It’s a mindful selection of what we’ve been attaching ourselves to vs what truly adds value to inner peace.

Parting with material possessions or other souls is tough, yet recognizing it as a vital step for soul health and growth is crucial.

Cultivate a clutter-free soul for a genuinely brighter path.

Story Time

I once trashed an unfinished painting, moving past grief, frustration, and anger attached to it. Regret faded and the sketch remained – the essence of the creation. 

The lesson? 

Be discerning – keep what sparks joy to the soul (Marie Kondo reference) and part with what holds negative energy … even if it’s just temporary.

Clear the negative to make room for fresher energy, newer magic, and a lighter you!

TIP 2:


Habit Tracker Attempt, Oct 2021

Remember that habit tracker from our earlier chat on intentions?

It’s more than a tool – it’s the infusion of structure, support, and reduction of stress.

Creating routines, through positive habits, is a way of starting small.

Begin with a small commitment: One day, one block of time, 5 minutes. Connect with one friend. Reply to one email. Tidy one corner. Read one short book. Take that one new class, towards completion.



Scale up by creating systems and keeping lists as you build through that habit. These tools and strategies will help you stay on top of priorities and daily tasks.

While digital tools are being utilized, I am more of a hand-to-paper planner.

Consider using products from Ink & Volt (bottom row) or Erin Condren (top row) to get you going. I’ve been using planners since occupational therapy school (10 + years) and Ink & Volt’s Goal Planner has been a current favorite for the past 2-ish years now. Before that was Erin Condren planners.

For tasks that lists don’t help with, use a basic sound and visual timer that is NOT an app, like this Time Timer. Commit to a time frame. Set it. Focus solely on your goal till the time is up. Reward yourself with a small break or “treat”, then get back to it again!


I’m not an affiliate with any of these brands, though it’s welcomed. Their products are appreciated and are being utilized to their potentials. Beyond that, I genuinely enjoy sharing what has been instrumental for my soul’s journey.

Story Time

I thrive off of challenges that assist in my multi-faceted growth. Despite life’s twists and turns, daily habits like journaling and sketching are prioritized to fit in within my schedule.

After a few habit tracker trials with both, I’ve now committed to each one for at 46 days to date. Though the aim is for mornings, life’s unpredictability suggests flexibility; adpating and modifying ways to maximize available time.

Like a lot in life, change is a journey.

Every small step contributes towards longer lasting progress.

TIP 3:


Ever find yourself lying awake, mind buzzing with tomorrow’s to-dos? Ease the late night worries by noting your tasks and prepping your tools before bed. 

Even if it’s just a messy brain dump on paper, tech, or through set of supplies, prep them the night before. For something bigger, plan a week or even months before. It frees up valuable mental and emotional real estate needed to live in the NOWthe present.

Waking up to a plan sets the tone for a calm and focused day, conserving energy and minimizing decision fatigue. With your tasks already sketched out (see what I did there 😉), you can sleep well enough to hit the ground running the next day. 

Story Time

There’s always been so much that I’ve wanted to contribute to the world.

I maintain daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to do lists – for work and personal taks.

My “dump list” functions as the weekly overview, from which priorities for that week are highlighted. These become tasks organized into a day-by-day block schedule for that week.

30 minute planners were a big favorite, mainly for scheduling occupational therapy sessions. However, my reduced caseload (by choice) has led me to prefer block schedules. 

While it’s not a perfect system, I remind myself it’s ok to adapt and modify, noting my energy and unforseen circumstances throughout the day. 


Ready to try these tips for a brighter path to inner peace?

Remember, there is no one-size fits all approach. Embrace your inner child and playfully experiment for the “just right fit” for your current flow.

As you evolve, so will your life’s rhythm. 

Share your thoughts in the comments below and as always, feel free to reach out for extra help or insight!