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This collection explores the distant yet powerful connection to my South Asian heritage, celebrating resilience, growth, women, and soul empowerment.

Each painting features a female figure adorned with cultural references such as a sari, bangles, and henna, and infused with florals and shine. They are a visual representation of blooming through connecting deeper to the heart of her empowerment – creativity and inner light. They highlight the transformative energy of self-discovery, bold courage, and authenticity to navigate and rise above life’s challenges.

The ideas were nurtured from personal experiences, observations, and research transforming into digital collages and analog sketches. They were brought to life through an interdisciplinary mixed media process, combining analog and digital sketches with acrylic, pastel, and delicate touches of gold leaf. The incorporation of gold and blue hues infuse a soulful sense of empowerment, while the intricate depication of leaves and vines symbolize growth and vitality.

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