DeZire Shanti DeZire Peace Sticker 2


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“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of light.”

– Buddha



Original media: digital, procreate only

Year: 2022

Measurements: 3″H x 3″W

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 This artwork started a lot of FIRSTS for me:

- First to be completed out of my

- First three digital pieces for my

- First and ongoing series titled "Hu Aatma Chu / I Am a Soul" and

- Besides the Peacock, DeZire Shanti was the first to be shared with the world!


🎨 Next came, "Dhyan / Meditate", then "Radiate Roshni / Radiate Light".


🎉 All 3 digital pieces were published in the Spring 2022 issue of @allshemakes magazine!


🎉 DeZire Shanti received the digital integration award from @pentelofamerica AND a spotlight with @womenunited_art_movement!



😬 Peeling back the layers to create just Part 1 of this reply took courage, resilience, multiple takes, countless video editing crashes, and raw authenticity.



Life was continuously throwing curve balls and one of them was a breakup with my artistic and social self. I was committed to breaking up with IG too.


I found a sanctuary with creating digitally starting in late 2020—an underestimated haven of familiarity, safety, speed, and cleanliness.


This artwork, the first gem in my first independent series, unfolded during a time of personal reemergence beyond traumatic barriers I'd learned to put up.


Meticulously crafting each detail, all became a therapeutic process—a deliberate pursuit of peace within myself.


"DeZire Shanti" is more than just pixels on a screen; it's part of a trio that visually narrates a journey of soul-empowerment. Starting as a personal endeavor, it evolved from necessity and took an even courageous step into the world—authentically and fearfully. Just like the intricate layers within the artwork, this journey mirrors the beauty that emerges from deliberate acts of self-healing and creative expression.


In the face of darkness, let "DeZire Shanti / Desire Peace" emerge as a radiant symbol of hope. Allow it to inspire and ignite a transformation of inner peace.