Guess what? We’ve got some thrilling news to share!

Three of our artworks have found their way into the glossy pages of Artist Close Up – Contemporary Art Magazine March 2024 Issue #16!

Think back to those early days when we were just starting out, dreaming of having our art showcased on even just one wall. Fast forward to today, and here we are, flipping through several magazines with our creations splashed across one and two-page spreads!

Artworks published, read from left to right, top to bottom:

Infinite Abundance” – Mixed media on canvas, 2023

Spirit of the Rani / Spirit of the Queen” – Mixed media on canvas, 2023

enLIGHTened Rani / enLIGHTened Queen” – Mixed media on canvas, 2023

But why does being published feel like such a monumental achievement? It’s not just about the “bragging” rights (though, let’s be honest, those can be quite validating). Being featured in a publication like Artist Close Up opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Our stories and art get to weave their way into the hearts of new audiences, spreading messages of light and hope far beyond what we could achieve alone. 

Yet, the journey to having our art published anywhere isn’t as smooth as it may sound. Doubts plague our minds — questions of whether our art and our voice are “good enough” to be seen and heard. Stepping out of our comfort zones to share our vulnerability with a wider audience brings its own set of anxieties. From the selection of artworks to submit to perfecting bios and statements, fear of rejection often looms large, compounded by the perfectionism / procrastination that can hold us back.

But through the uncertainties and fears, we summon courage.

We took that first step and did our research and homework! Engaging with others and hearing their shared experiences, seeking guidance through courses and mentorship, research on available opportunities that fit our colorful and soulful vibes. We finally found ourselves at submitting to our first call for art in 2022, and was accepted! A pivotal moment that led to a series of wins and loses, each contributing to our growth within the heART of living life.

If we didn’t put the energy in trying for ourselves, how would we ever know the true outcome? How would we grow, evolve, and learn from our experiences if we didn’t dare to push beyond our comfort zones?

Each setback became a stepping stone, each rejection a lesson in resilience, and each fear conquered a victory in itself. Through it all, we’ve learned to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and self-discovery, knowing that every step forward, no matter how small, brings us closer to our goals.


Now, it’s your turn.

What’s that one thing you’ve been hesitating to try?

What’s holding you back from stepping into the unknown and embracing the possibilities that await?

Take that leap, dear friend.

Because the greatest and most rewarding adventures often begin with a single, and fairly small, step.