This heART of living journey has been surging with incredible momentum, propelling me into 2024 with an unstoppable force, riding the current of boundless creativity and inspiration.

While there is so much to share of this vibrant creative flow, let’s focus on the essence of TWO major artworks currently revealing themselves.

Years ago, a significant accident shortly after moving from Southern California to Forida set me on a challenging path of emotional, mental, and physical recovery.

This unforeseen event disrupted the natural flow of safe exploration and authentic connection that typically accompany a change in surroundings.

In the attempts to rebuild a sense of normalcy and familiarity in both life and work, an unexpected homesickness for Los Angeles and it’s lifestyle, clouded my ability to fully appreciate the beauty that Florida life had to offer.

Five Deuces Small Works Art Show Winners. Two paintings hanging on the wall.

Capturing the essence of Florida through a camera lens was and continues to be a daily activity, but a desire to transform those snapshots into some vibrant paintings continued to persist. 

One Florida themed watercolor artwork was created in 2021 but, something truly magical is unfolding during this end of the calendar year transition. 

I’m thrilled to share that there are not just one but TWO Florida-themed artworks coming to life! 

These pieces are destined for submission to a local art show – “All Things Florida” – hosted by Five Deuces Galleria in St. Petersburg.

My hope is that at least one of them make the cut to be part of their art show! 

Five Deuces Small Works Art Show Winners. Two paintings hanging on the wall.


Mixed media on canvases, to be completed in 2024

Small Canvases: 12″H x 9″W x 0.5″D

Large Canvases: 36″H x 24″W x 0.5″D

The smaller play/experimental canvases are paving the way for the larger ones behind them that are to be submitted.

This duo serves as visual representations of two locations found on the St. Petersburg Pier – Tampa Baywatch Discovery Center, and a spot right next to a St. Pete Pier sign. 

They are also an experiment through uncharted creative territories:

  • Sketching the ideas out, more than once. 
  • Playing and experimenting with smaller canvases (12″H x 9″W) before diving into larger ones.
  • Tackling large canvases (36″H x 24″W) for the first time.
  • Exploring color combinations outside the usual color palettes.
  • Delving into a theme yet to be explored through mixed media.
  • Attempting to work with a minimalist mindset – Less perfection and details. More playful, experimental, and innovative markings.

I’m excited to see where this artistic adventure takes me and to share the unfolding through one or two more chapters of this creative exploration.

The submission deadline looms in early January 2024, adding an extra layer of excitement and motivation to these arts in motion!

Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding artistic adventure as I navigate the intersection of past challenges, present inspirations, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

By the way, which one are you currently connecting with more? The boat-ish pier, or the palm tree with the sign?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.