🥀 In the quiet moments of recording today’s date in my daily writings, a gentle realization came over me as I finished writing the “6” — it should have marked my Dad’s birthday.

🏥 Seventeen years have passed since leukemia and time took him away.

🪷 Growing up as a late bloomer and uber youngest of three, I missed the chance to truly understand and bond with my parents like my elder sisters did. While I’m more connected to the fresher memories of Mom, these sneaky triggers bring Dad to the forefront.

🪷 These triggers, though painful, resonate differently throughout these mature phases of life.

🪷 A rush of emotions and tears propelled me into the past, guiding me to sift through old photos and cherished emails. One signed with a surprising “Cheerio!”— a word I don’t recall him using. Where did that come from? 😂

✊🏾 Despite his persistent dreams for me to become a doctor, he was also my silent cheerleader in the arts – photography, painting, and dance.

🎨 Expressing these feelings through various art forms becomes a steady healing journey through the unraveling of the unspoken, unprocessed, and misunderstood traumas.

💖 Each trigger, bittersweet as it may be, becomes a vital piece in the ongoing puzzle of understanding and embracing the legacies they left behind, including me.

✍🏾 P.S. My dad, an electrical engineer, had a deep love for ballpoint pens and any good writing pen. Plans are in motion for an art series dedicated to him.


The journey of understanding and healing is unique for each of us.

How do you navigate emotional triggers linked to cherished memories?

Have you found specific strategies that help you process these moments?

Whether it’s through art, journaling, gardening, or other means, your experiences and insights hold power.

Share your thoughts below.

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