🎉 “Nurtured by Dharma’s Radiance” will be showcased at Double A Gallery also known as Art @ 400 in St. Petersburg, Florida, as part of their month long “Dreams of Spring” art exhibition in April!

🎨 Introducing “Nurtured by Dharma’s Radiance,” the seventh gem in our “Bloom Within: Cultivating a Radiant Soul” collection of nine mixed media paintings. 

🌸 In this captivating piece, she intertwines with the blooms gathered from the “Flourishing Within” fields, now shaped into the symbol of India.

🔆 Golden rays of mehndi / henna inspired light illuminate her creative and soulful practice. 

🎨 Hidden details, such as a Gujarati script, are found as well. 

🎶 Measuring at 20″H x 16″W, this one-of-a-kind artwork is also a multi-sensory delight!

🎶 The particular piece hanging out with Art at 400 Gallery is reprinted and hand embellished on a Bluetooth-connected canvas speaker.

🎶 Immerse yourself in your own playlists of serene melodies with just a click! 

🖼️ Available to purchase as: 

– Original Mixed Media Painting

(Mediums used: heavy body acrylic, gold leaf, oil pastel, and acrylic marker)

– Matte Framed Print

(TWO available!)

– Uniquely Reprinted Bluetooth Connected Speaker Canvas

(ONE available)

Nurtured by Dharma’s Radiance” offers both visual captivation and a soulful experience.

🎨 “Bloom Within: Cultivating a Radiant Soul” is a mixed media painting collection and part of our lifelong series “Hu Atma Chu / I Am a Soul”. Both exploring healing through creating while also reconnecting to the powerful yet distant South Asian heritage.

🎨 Infused with florals and shine, each painting follows a female figure adorned with cultural references such as a sari, bangles, and henna.

🎨 The nine piece collection, individually and as a whole, is a visual story of self-realization blooming through connecting deeper to the heart of her empowerment – creativity and inner light – as she journeys towards enlightenment.

Ready to welcome “Nurtured by Dharma’s Radiance” into your space?

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Let it be your guide as you continue on with your journey towards inner radiance and soulful empowerment.

Click HERE to purchase the Bluetooth canvas speaker or the original mixed media painting from Double A Gallery, also known as Art at 400, now!


We love mehndi, also known as henna. It holds a deep meaning to us. You’ll often see it in much of our art!

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