Ready for an adventure that’s straight out of a colorful gaming dream?

Welcome to “Game of Shrooms”, coming to a local area near you on June 8th!

Here, the light of discovery meets the vibrance of creativity. Artists from all corners of the globe are gearing up to be shroom ninjas and stealthily plant mushroom-themed artworks in local spots.

They’ll be waiting for someone like you to stumble upon them and bring them home!

“Why giveaway FREE and original art”, you may ask?

Well, art is so much more than just the final product or the process of creating it. It’s a powerful tool for spreading love and kindness, serving as a light of hope in our communities.

Through art, we can heal, both individually and collectively.

Art also has a remarkable ability to share stories and different perspectives, sparking conversations and challenging our preconceived ideas. It invites us to see the world through someone else’s eyes, cultivating empathy and compassion in the process. It helps in moving past personal comfort zones too! And we can’t forget about the simple joy that art brings in brightening another person’s day.

No matter the form, art has the power to uplift and inspire, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter it, as well as those who create it.

If you happen to visit Tampa, Florida on June 8th, keep your eyes open for FOUR original Radiate Roshni shroom art drops! We were thinking maybe along the Upper Tampa Bay Trail? 

These “shroomdrops” are mushroom themed artworks, each waiting to connect with it’s forever home of an unsuspecting passer-by.

Check this fun twist: if more than one local finds the same shroomdrop, they have to engage in a original gamer way: via Rock – Paper – Scissors!

For all you classic gamers out there, this next part is for you!

Video games have always been present in our life, in various forms. It was an outlet that allowed us to channel our energy into something we had some control over.

We grew up with the likes of Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter,  and the Nintendo family like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers. We also played Personal Computer (PC) games like Ragnorok, Boderlands, and World of Warcraft.

Dad, the electrical engineer, was into the latest technology. Even he supported this gamer interest to the point of taking us to Game Stop and Fry’s Electronics to purchase new consoles and games!

Trekell Art Supplies and Attaboy collaborated to create an exclusive Game of Shrooms 2024 wooden canvas.

It only seemed fitting to transform this wooden mushroom into a nostalgic homage to Super Mario Brothers, blending art and gaming in the most epic way possible for this shroom canvas.

Here is the real twist though.

We understand that not everyone can join the fun with us in Tampa, Florida, so heARTful updates newsletter subscribers get first dibs on this exclusive Magical Mario Mushroom design! 

We will be keeping the original wooden canvas, for now. 😅 BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t sill have a little treat for you!

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Oh, before you go, please indulge us:

What’s your gaming tale, with console or PC?

What were some of the realms you’ve unlocked?

Which were the most challenging battles you overcame?