Infinite Abundance” and “Make Peace, Not War” have been accepted into a local art exhibit in Florida.

They will be on display radiating their acrylic and embellished canvas magic at FIVE DEUCES GALLERIA, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Experience these framed artworks in person or make them yours today by clicking each image or the links found below:


Archival hand embellished mixed media print on canvas, 2023

White floater frame

Ready to hang

Canvas: 20″H x 16″W x 2″D

Five Deuces Small Works Art Show Winners. Two paintings hanging on the wall.

Infinite Abundance” is the sixth out of nine original mixed media paintings in the visual narrative of “Bloom Within: Cultivating a Radiant Soul.”

The figure joyfully interacts with a waterfall of creativity and inner light energy florals from the “Flourishing Within” field of blooms. She realizes her infinite nature, embracing an endless reservoir of inner radiance that transcends beyond this lifetime.

Infinite Abundance” came to life through an interdisciplinary mixed media process – analog, digital, acrylic, pastel, and gold leaf.


Original acrylic on canvas, 2022

Black floater frame

Ready to hang

16″H x 20″W x 2″D

Five Deuces Small Works Art Show Winners. Two paintings hanging on the wall.

“Throughout all the chaos in the world, I’d rather at least make peace with you.” – Roshni Patel

Two silhouetted birds perch on a wire against a backdrop of colorful and chaotic Van Gogh inspired circles, symbolizing life’s many challenges of internal and external destruction and suffering.

Inspired by the war in Ukraine and the deep bond with my best friend and soul partner, “Make Peace, Not War” serves as a reminder to cultivate gratitude for the precious relationships in our lives by promoting the value of making peace amidst chaos.