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“Pierside Pelican Dreams” and “St. P – Cubed – Pete, Pier, Palm” vividly depict two iconic spots on the St. Petersburg Pier—the Tampa Baywatch Discovery Center and a location by the “St. Pete Pier” sign.

These artworks, originating from self-captured photos taken during Art Walk weekends at the St. Pete shore, underwent unique creative journeys using oil pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, and acrylic paint.

What sets them apart from previous paintings are their exploration of playful and innovative vibes, prioritizing creative flow over meticulous details and perfection.

Departing from the familiar, they authentically capture the essence of St. Petersburg’s pier through Radiate Roshni’s eyes.


Mixed media on canvas

36″H x 24″W x 0.5″D

Black frame

Rady to hang

Creating “Pierside Pelican Dreams” posed a captivating challenge. The photograph, rich in geometry with lines and angles intertwining, appealed to my photographic eye. The abundance of lines and stairs played tricks on my eyes and mind. Employing tools like a squeegee, ruler, and tape guided the process on canvas, yet the seemingly simple yet tricky complexity persisted.

A unique touch is the inclusion of a fluorescent seagull, part of the Pier’s art installations. Beyond its neon hue and my personal fondness for the color, this seagull coupled with the foreground and background, embodies the emotional journey of living a fulfilling life—illuminating paths found through ups, downs, and imperfections of being a soul, connecting deeply and embracing tranquility in every moment lived.


Mixed media on canvas

36″H x 24″W x 0.5″D

Black frame

Rady to hang

“St. P Cubed – Pete, Pier, Palm” captures the transformative power of light on life, symbolizing growth, radiance, and inner brilliance.

The intentional focus signifies the transformative impact of St. Petersburg, Florida, on my artistic journey, transitioning away from the familiarity of Los Angeles art scenes.

The palm tree, illuminated by the glowing sign during a nighttime snapshot, holds a special place as a personal favorite element.

The symbolic power of light guiding the palm tree to embrace and unveil its inner radiance, with growing fronds reaching back out in compassion.

The background trees exhibit double helixes, subtly alluding to the intricacies and radiance found in all life and objects. 

Completing these paintings presented unique challenges, particularly given their large size, pushing me beyond comfort zones. While I hoped for acceptance at the “All Things Florida” art exhibit, unfortunately, neither made the cut, and the news of rejection stung.

However, the journey and intentional challenges brought immense artistic and soul growth. The outcome doesn’t define the value of the personal experiences in creating them. Each artwork, accepted or not, contributes to my ever-evolving artistic journey within the heart of living life to its fullest potential.

Fueled with enthusiasm and resilience, I know the path forward holds countless possibilities waiting for their turn in our ongoing dance within this heART of living.


Both of these pieces, completed with wire hanging and a black metal frame, are ready to be adopted into a new home. Feel free to reach out now to reserve them for yourself, or sign up to the VIP – illuminate your heART newsletter to hear when they are officially available!


Which artwork speaks to your soul?

Share your thoughts on your favorite piece or let us know if these artworks transport you to cherished moments by the shore. Your insights make this artistic journey even more enriching.

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