Hello there Radiant Souls!

As we dance with another year, I’m inviting you into a sacred space of vulnerability, where intentions blossom into radiant realities.

Visualize me pulling back the curtain, offering you an glimpse into the intricate dance of crafting intentions that genuinely resonate with the soul.

Ready to step into a realm where intentions bloom, lives evolve, and the heART of living takes center stage?

Read on for THREE tips for intentional purpose into your heART of Living days: 

– Identify What Makes Your Soul Dance

– Create Habits for Consistent Progress

– Reflect and Evolve



Dancing Soul

Explore what truly illuminates your heart and create a list.

While goal setting carries its own power, intentions breathe a unique life into them.

Each year, select a precious few intentions from your ever growing list – those currently calling to nourish your soul, transforming life into a joyous dance.

Dive Deeper Into Your Inner Radiance (title of a new painting) and ask yourself, “Why is this intention crucial to me?

Some Intentions Illuminating My Souls Path This Year

Collaborate with at least 3 brands/artists: Weaving ideas, merging lights, and brightening the path for all involved!

(1 down, 2 more to go! If you’re interested in joining our lights, share your idea(s) by contacting by me HERE!)

Prioritize rest/ME time/down time: Recognizing the importance of rejuvenation for sustaining a peaceful, creative, and healthy soul.

(Progressing, but there’s always room for improvement)

Complete one book per month: A commitment to continuous learning and evolving, expanding the horizons of thought and imagination.

(Closing in on the first one!)

Tackle a larger body of meaningful artworks: Our soul is making sure we understand the need for this body of work to break free from a lot of emotional, mental, and worldly attachments.

(Eeek! Been working on breaking this overwhelming task into minuscule steps.)

Execute one 60-second dance a month: Infusing life with one of the first natural self-expressions that came to me with ease.

(Should be easy, but surprisingly challenging to commit to and sharing a one minute dance! Time to dig deeper!)

Engage more within the local Tampa, Florida community: Nurturing creative soul connections close to home.

(Sounds easy, right? It’s been a bit of a personal challenge to overcome. Time to dig deeper on this one too.)

TIP 2:


Habit Tracker Attempt, Oct 2021

Instead of overwhelming leaps, focus on creating small habits that contribute to your intentions.

Routines provide structure and reduce stress in the face of option and worry overload.

Break down larger goals into more manageable and easily achievable daily tasks for continuous progress.


Two Daily Habits Put Into Place

Two daily habits I’ve put into place include journaling and sketching.

While I aim for the mornings, life’s inevitable unpredictability sometimes nudges me to adjust.

Regardless, I prioritize these activities in my schedule, understanding that the consistency of practice is more important than the specifics of timing.

It’s a commitment to nurturing not only my creativity but also:

  • Self-expression and Emotional Well-Being
  • Fine motor, Eye-Hand Coordination, and Cognitive function
  • Introspection and Reflection
  • Idea generation and Innovation
  • Mindfulness and Focus
  • Professional development
  • Discipline and Time Management
  • Catharsis and Stress relief
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Memory Enhancement

#OccupationalTherapy  😜

TIP 3:


DHYAN – Meditate / Reflect On Your Throughts, Digital Media (Procreate only), 2022

DHYAN – Meditate / Reflect On Your Thoughts (title to above digital artwork).

Trust the organic rhythm of growth in every aspect of living.

Adapt and/or modify, recognizing that change is a sign of awareness and personal evolution.

Allow your intentions to metamorphose through the year while maintaining an unwavering dedication to your personal and/or professional pursuits.

An Ongoing Creative Journey

In one of my ongoing creative journeys, I’ve been nurturing a growing collection of artworks for two years now, aspiring to reveal it at a local art fair.

The intention has been a labyrinth, revisited due to variety of reasons – the concept isn’t fully developed, haven’t managed time well to complete them all, grappling with doubt and fear around the submission, entanglements with emotional attachments to the work’s release and more.

Each twist and turn have become a testament to resilience and the beauty of dancing with the inevitable ebb and flow of life.

Despite the layers of challenges, my commitment to these intentions fuels my journey, ensuring that each step, regardless of size or pace, propels me closer to the bigger picture.

It serves as a reminder that creative pursuits are not separate from the heART of living, but more so deeply intertwined into life’s ever-changing yet inherently natural rhythm.


Your journey is a unique composition, and your story adds a beautiful melody to a collective narrative.

Drop a comment below, sharing an intention, a challenge you’ve already or are still facing, or a triumph you’ve recently celebrated.

Let our lights shine brighter together, illuminating paths for all.