Art Queens is thrilled to invite active members who have been with us for 12 months or more to create and submit their work to the first in-person membership show in Philadelphia, scheduled for January 2024!”

Ekaterina Popova, Art Queens Society

Being part of the Art Queens Society has been an enriching journey, filled with connections to innovative, supportive, and knowledgeable creatives worldwide that are not afraid to share their wisdom with more artists! This exhibition is more than a showcase; it’s a celebration of community, diverse perspectives, and artistic expressions!

enLIGHTened Rani / enLIGHTened Queen

Original mixed media on canvas, 2024

No frame, clean edges

Ready to hang

Canvas: 10″H x 10″W x 1.5″D

Five Deuces Small Works Art Show Winners. Two paintings hanging on the wall.

❤️‍🔥 “enLIGHTened Rani / enLIGHTened Queen” is part of a collection where a Rani/Queen reconnects with the magic found within her radiant inner realms.

❤️‍🔥 She starts with SATYA – The Truth / authenticity of her inner radiance.

🌊 Dive deep into “enLIGHTened Rani / enLIGHTened Queen.”

🌊 The curly and henna-like water waves that make up the hair unveil a narrative etched with a personal connection to water – through nature, nurture and through a traumatic head injury.

💧A jet ski accident that could have snatched more than a moment; a gripping brush with mortality that now echoes as a strength in every ripple of this radiant souls existence.

🪄 Fearlessly celebrating the heART of living, each mark resonates with the soul’s truth – authentic presence – in life’s intricate artistry.

🪷 Cultural nods to Gujarati script and mehndi shapes intertwine with nature’s traces, reminders of our unyielding connection with Mother Earth.

Five Deuces Small Works Art Show Winners. Two paintings hanging on the wall.

This “enLIGHTened Rani / Queen” will be hanging out with other ART QUEENS for a special exhibition hosted by ART QUEENS SOCIETY, PxP Contemporary Art Gallery, and Paradigm Gallery & Studio in Philadelphia, January 2024.

📍 Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia
🗓️ January 5, 2024 – January 17, 2024

If you miss her while shes with the other ART QUEENS, no worries! You can still reach out to me to bring her home to you!

Each mixed media artwork in the new “Spirit of the Rani / Spirit of the Queen” collection serves as a boundless canvas where a Rani / Queen reconnects with her inner realms, commencing with the realms that resonate most deeply with my soul.

Set against an enchantingly infinite universe, each colorfully radiant canvas includes paintbrushes of light symbolizing the soul’s profound presence within the grand artistry of life itself.

They are further infused with cultural references such as Gujarati script, henna shapes, intertwined with traces of nature, symbolizing an intrinsic connection with Mother Earth.

– Reach out to me by leaving a comment down below. 

– Reach out to Alicia Puig at PxP Contemporary  (Payments accepted!)

– Click any of the pictures in this post to be the new forever home of this Queen!

Five Deuces Small Works Art Show Winners. Two paintings hanging on the wall.

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