(row – shh – knee) means LIGHT!


Introducing Roshni Patel, a versatile visual artist originally from Southern California, now residing in Tampa, Florida. Here creative fusion combines analog methods and digital technology, creating captivating and emotionally resonant art. With a background as a pediatric occupational therapist, she skillfully integrates her knowledge and personal experiences to offer holistic guidance, creating bridges between the realms of arts, science, technology, and innovation. Roshni also infuses her art and therapy with the vitality of movement, inspired by her passion for dance and fitness, but also the pivotal role they played in her own healing journey.

Her work reflects her commitment to the Indian principle of ahimsa, or non-violence, promoting greater compassion and healing in the world. This fusion of creativity and spirituality is not just an external journey; it’s a vessel for her own self-realization. Her path to healing, marked by personal struggles and loss, has instinctively drawn her to the arts, where she finds solace and strength.

Roshni’s artistic talents have not gone unnoticed. She has earned acclaim from esteemed publications including UPPERCASE, All SHE Makes, Women United Art Movement and Create! magazines, with Pentel Arts also shining a digital integration spotlight on her work. She firmly believes that creativity is not just an art form but a conduit for experiencing, processing, and evolving in the art of living, empowering others to reconnect more strongly to their inner selves.

In her multi-faceted roles as an artist, occupational therapist, and through spiritual practice, Roshni authentically embodies a unique self-expression, while simultaneously sowing the seeds of positivity and personal growth in the world, one artwork, and one soul at a time. Her mission is nothing short of radiant; she seeks to radiate her light while also helping to illuminate the path for others.


As an artist and occupational therapist, I appreciate the transformative power of artistic expression for soul-empowerment.

My artworks, inspired by personal experiences and diverse sources, evolve from analog and digital sketches, culminating in layered canvases echoing South Asian intricacy and a blended cultural identity.

In harmony with ahimsa, my creations nurture inner acceptance, aiming to inspire all souls to embrace their inner fire and thrive within their unique radiance.


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